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This site works as a resource bringing together dozens of lectures, workshops and exercies. It can be easy to get lost in the material. Here are a few words to help you navigate the chaos.
Who am I
Writer. Hitchhiker. Enthusiast of duct tape and dialogue processes. My name is Josh Nadeau and I'm originally from Canada but spend most of my time in East Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia. My main base is in Saint Petersburg, Russia, where I help run events based on principles of dialogue, mutual respect and creating space for encounter with different ideas and beliefs. I attended these summer schools to deepen my understanding of conflict resolution.

The problem with summer schools is that they're often one-time events, so along the way I decided to make a website as a permanent resource documenting the content from each. The things I learned changed how I practice peacebuilding and education. Hopefully you'll find something you like.
What You'll Find
Lectures, Case Studies & Panels
Lectures, interviews and panel discussions delivered by professionals working in the fields of peacebuilding, cultural history, political science, research and more.

These pages are meant to give background information about particular regions, histories or theories of conflict resolution.

What Is Peace Research
Workshops & Exercises
Interactive sessions giving participants both the tools to work in the field as well as the opportunity to use them.

These pages will detail the nature of various exercises and activities, with the aim of helping readers engage with the material themselves. This is with the aim of helping readers learn to use these techniques in their own lives and fields.

Letting Go Of The Right Answers
Excursions & Trips
Learning doesn't just take place in the classroom. Workshop leaders often took participants on-site to allow for a hands-on approach to peacebuilding, politics and cultural history.

These pages use photos and participant accounts to help readers encounter the sphere of peace and conflict studie as an active, constantly changing field.

Museum of WWII
Interludes are the moments between official lectures, workshops and programs. These include moments from the road, participant stories as well as reflections on the trickier, problematic elements of the education process.

These pages help readers encounter a broader range of questions than those present on the official syllabus.

The Road To Norway
Ways To Read Summerpax
This site contains dozens of pages, each outlining a particular lecture, workshop or excursion from five different summer schools and workshops. It's a lot of information to take in at once.

Here are a few different ways to read the material:
  • Chronologically
    From start to finish, including the interludes between all the major programs. This not only provides the most comprehensive, in-depth look at what the summer schools have to offer (without having to pay for them yourself), it also allows for connections to be made between the different themes. Personal reflections are also included.

    This is ideal for students or practitioners looking to get a broad introduction to the field, as well as to have a good look at the major players involved.
  • Program-Based
    Not every reader will be interested in every program. The material from the Peace Research Institute of Oslo (PRIO) is research-driven and academic, while the program at Baltic Glory was made for activists looking to find ways to resist war from the inside. Not everything might be relevant to everyone.

    While I encourage readers to sample sections from different programs, don't be afraid to pay more attention to some programs more than others.
  • By Theme
    Each program is diverse and offers a number of different workshops and lectures spanning political science, mediation, cultural history and more. By taking a look at the index (coming soon), you'll be able to find different pages according to theme and topic.
I'd be more than happy to answer any questions or find out what you think of the site and materials.
E-mail: nadeaujoshua [at]
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Josh Nadeau is a freelance writer and dialogue practitioner.
Born in Canada, he's currently based in Saint Petersburg, Russia.