Five summer schools & programs.
13,000 km travelled between them.

A crash course in peace & conflict studies
What follows is a list of all five summer schools I visited in 2018, in addition to interludes and reflections between each one. They were written to be read in chronological order, but each section can be consulted independently.
Fjords. Sámi. Summer's last sunset.
Why study peace, and why Norway.
Using dialogue to create points of contact between groups in conflict.

Lillehammer, Norway
June 17th - 23rd 2018
Back to school. Polish migrants show me around.
Skinny dipping. Living on the cheap.
Hospitality and mental illness.

Studying global conflict trends with the hope of making better policies for global peacebuilding.

Oslo, Norway
June 25th - Aug 3rd 2018

Cleaning the brain of war statistics. Schizophrenia, refugee camps and old friends.
A boat through Swedish Archipelagoes.
Peace exercises bringing together antiwar activists from across Russia, Sweden and Finland.

Loviisa, Finland
Aug 8th - 12th 2018

Russian dissidents, trucks through Baltic States.
How possible is change, really?

Bringing together academics, artists and members of civil society to study conflict resolution and cultural history in post-Soviet space.

Frankfurt (Oder), Germany
Słubice, Poland
August 20th - September 2rd 2018
A festival for brains tired of war.
Old friends, new music. Islands.
Hip Europeans descending on a Balkan village.

Techniques for rational thinking, bias identification and conflict resolution drawn from neuroscience and the Bay Area.

Prague, Czechia
September 20th - 24th 2018

Self-care and recovery.
Limited brain space for information, or change.
Waiting in Central Asia for a visa home.

What next.
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Josh Nadeau is a freelance writer and dialogue practitioner.
In 2018, he attended summer programs on peace & conflict studies in Norway, Finland, Germany, Poland and Czechia.