Summer School

Peace Research Institute Oslo

Studying global conflict trends with the hope of making
better policies for global peacebuilding.
The Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO) was founded in 1959 by a team of Norwegian sociologiests including
Johan Galtung, widely considered the founder of
peace research as a field.

PRIO conducts research on the conditions for peaceful relations between states, groups and people. Many of its researchers work with the hope of equipping policy makers with the data, and the tools, to create more sustainable peace agreements worldwide.
PRIO is one of the oldest peace research institutions in the world, combining its primary research arm with with applied activities in the fields of peacebuilding,
conflict resolution and political science.

The institute is divided into four sections (researching social dynamics, dimensions of security, the conditions of violation and peace, along with their PRIO Cyprus center in the Mediterranean) with three interdisciplinary centers focused on questions of gender, humanitarianism and conflict patterns.

It aims to combine quantitative and qualitative approaches to generate holistic perspectives on topics as varied as migration, religion, business & peace, urbanization, the environment, law & ethics, security, regions & powers, media, non-state conflict actors, civilians in conflict, peacebuilding and governmance. They publish their work in international journals as well as within their own publications: the Journal of Peace Research and Security Dialogue.

Beyond their academic work, they host seminars bringing together academics, policy makers and practitioners. Their newsletters, blogs and op-eds make their work accessible to the general public. Their ongoing series of policy briefs describe their main findings in short, 4-page documents that detail recently completed research projects. Their goal? Make the necessary research seen, make it used
and make it count.

Their yearly summer school, in collaboration with the University of Oslo, invites young academics & professionals to learn about the foundations of peace research as well as the questions that currently dominate the field. In 2018, I participated in the program. The following posts summarize the seminars prepared by the PRIO team.
Young people from Colombia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Russia, Canada, Ukraine, Pakistan, Belarus, Kenya, Armenia, Denmark, Lebanon, Malasia, Turkmenistan, Senegal, France, Vietnam, Moldova, Brazil, Egypt and Uzbekistan participated in PRIO's 2018 summer school.
Peace appeals to the heart; studies to the brain. Both are needed, indeed indispensable. But equally indispensable is a valid link between brain and heart. And that, in a nutshell, is what peace studies and peace practice are all about.
Johan Galtung
Founder, Peace Studies
What is Peace Research?
Henrik Urdal, director at PRIO, gives us a brief history of peace research, tells us what's covered in the field and shares just what questions keep researchers up at night.
Nansen Cabin Trip
The PRIO summer students were invited on a cabin trip with the Nansen Center for Peace and Dialogue (NCPD), an organization that facilitates dialogue sessions between groups in conflict.

Chro Borhan, a dialogue advisor with the NCPD, shares with us a number of practical tools for conflict resolution. They are not, however, entirely without controversy.

Core Classes


The Norwegion Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA)
A trip to an important Norwegian institution hints at the complexities of mediating peace abroad.
The Ahmadi Mosque
An informal trip to a marginalized religious community center generates more questions, and challenges, than answers.

Conflict Dynamics I

Regional Issues

Conflict Dynamics II

Josh Nadeau is a freelance writer and peacebuilding practictioner.
He attended the PRIO summer school in June 2018.
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