June-September 2018


Five summer schools.
Four months.
One question:

How to promote peace
in an increasingly violent world?
Why Summerpax
There are dozens of summer schools in the field of peace and conflict studies every year – no one has time participate in everything. That, and most programs don't take everyone: some aim for participants under thirty, some take grad students, and still others are too expensive for people in post-conflict societies.

In 2018 I was accepted to five different programs and received enough financial aid to attend them all. Summerpax is my attempt to make the materials from each summer school accessible to anyone interested in the field.

This site is made of up different sections, one for every program. In each you'll find lectures, workshops, exercises, case studies, interviews, panel sessions and more.

But learning isn't only about putting more facts into your head: scattered throughout the material are 'interludes' that ask trickier questions: what are we actually able to accomplish? Where can we find power, and how do we abuse it? What does it mean to take care of our own mental health when studying war, trauma and genocide?

This site is a work in progress. Much like peace itself.
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More than just sharing the statistics, Summerpax tries to capture the human element of studying conflict and peace.
Summer Schools & Programs
Nansen Center for Peace and Dialogue
Using dialogue to create points of contact between groups in conflict.
Peace Research Institute Oslo
Studying global conflict trends with the aim of making better policies for global peacebuilding.
Baltic Glory
Peace exercises bringing together antiwar activists from across Russia, Sweden and Finland.
Viadrinicum PeaceLab
Bringing together academics, artists and members of civil society to study conflict resolution and cultural history in post-Soviet space.
Center For Applied Rationality
Techniques for rational thinking, bias identification and conflict resolution drawn from neuroscience, business and the Bay Area.
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Josh Nadeau is a freelance writer and dialogue practitioner.
Born in Canada, he's currently based in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

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