Seminars: Week 1
Unrecognized states. Memory wars. Dealing with the past.
Try not to talk when Andriy Portnov does.
Day One
Day Two
PeaceLab seminars take many forms. Experts share their knowledge about the post-Soviet region through thematic talks on memory, gender, violence and more. Facilitators manage workshops ranging from conflict resolution to project management and so forth, giving students concrete skills to take into the field. Artists and graduate students share their work and works-in-progress. And public sessions in the evening invite locals to join us for panels on education, hybrid solutions and addressing conflict.
Day Three

Day Four

Big Ideas:
The ways we think about the past have a tendency of resurfacing. Violently.

Peace Mediation
The act and art of making peace, one transferrable skill set at a time.
What's the story you've been told? Who tells it, and how?
Cross-Sectoral Projects
Creating and managing projects with an interdisciplinary angle.
Does war affect all genders the same? Does memory? Or violence?
Rethinking Institutions
Museums, universities - our institutes shape how we live. But how can we shape them in return?
Day Five

Day Six

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