Dome Workshops

A platform for sharing knowledge and skills through informal presentations, workshops, discussions and conferences.

Making information fun again.

Geeky friends. Your mom's urban gardening partner. That researcher next door. The city's bursting with people who have plenty to share about how the world works, and that includes you.

Come to share something. Come to learn something.
Dome is a loose network of informal events bringing together folks interested in informal education and knowledge sharing. The vision? Make learning fun, independent and as regular as we like.

So we're here to provide a platform for anyone with a workshop in their heart, weird topics on the mind or a dissertation that'd otherwise collect dust on the shelf. There's a place for formal seminars or university lectures, but we're looking to stake out learning spaces in the backcountry. The wilder, the better.

We're interested in collaborating with folks who are down for telling us what you know through accessible online events. Have a Powerpoint? knock yourself out. Prefer something interactive? The digital floor is yours – we won't ask to check your degree first. The prerequisites are having something to share, some elbow grease and, above all, passion.

Why "Dome?"

The idea for the project was inspired by informal education collectives in East Europe, particularly in Saint Petersburg. The Russian word "dom" (pronounced "dome") means "home", which is often used as a space to put on interesting events. The word evokes hospitality and DIY community building.

But domes are also beautiful pieces of architecture, or serve as laboratories in old-time sci-fi movies. Think domes that double-time as greenhouses. Geodesic domes with oddball experiments inside. Similarly, our Dome is a place to try something new, to experiment, to grow. We're stuck at home during the pandemic, but that doesn't mean we can't make our homes a space for learning, fun and connection.

How does it work?

We don't have any hard or fast rules for what kind of events we're looking to host, so tell us what's on your mind and we'll be glad to collaborate. We're all about accessibility, so if you're a researcher looking to share what you've been up to, feel free to tell us about it in everyday language. If you're obsessed with an online subculture, give us context and the lay of the land. If you're wanting to talk about your philosophy or spirituality, please do, and remember that the audience might come with all sorts of other approaches.

Here are some of our favourite formats:
Informal Presentations & Lectures
You've got expertise. We're curious.

Tell us what you know in a 1-2 hour presentation format (with or without discussion & small group work). If it's too big to fit into one night, let's talk about a series.
Engaging Discussions
Create space for discussion on a wide range of topics. This could be on controversial topics, like our Kitchen Talks project, or on whatever you'd like.

Challenge us and let the conversation roll.
Interactive Workshops
Looking to pass on a skill or technique? We can help you set up an interactive format that helps participants not only learn something new, but put it into practice.
House Conferences
A series of 6-8 ten minute presentations, each followed by five minutes for questions. Feel free to speak on anything under the sun: community gardening, black holes, whatever you did last summer.
Walks & Excursions
Gathering people into a (virtual) room not enough? Design a walk or excursion that helps you explore a topic you love. We all could use the exercise.

[note: excursions and walks will be organized taking into account health advisories during the pandemic]
We've also got sub-projects on the go, like Kitchen Talks. Feel free to check them out:

I want to present. What do I do?

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How do I sign up?

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Josh Nadeau is a freelance writer and community organizer based in
Ottawa, Canada and Saint Petersburg, Russia. He writes about dialogue, community building, conflict and peacebuilding at Summerpax.

Photos by Lera Chegge