Let's Talk Ottawa
Feedback & Support
Thank you for coming to tonight's Let's Talk Ottawa event!

On this page, you will be able to leave some feedback as well as an opportunity to support the project with a donation.
Your feedback is very important to us, because that helps us understand what works and what still needs tweaking. If you have comments about the format, or had a suggestion about how things could work more smoothly, let us know. Also, if there were any moments where you felt uncomfortable or unsafe, please reach out to us via this form or through Eventbrite.

Some of the information we are collecting has to do with demographic information such as age, gender and various other identity markers. Giving this information is optional, and it will help us have a better idea of who is participating in the workshops and how we can serve various communities better. If you have any questions about the feedback form, please feel free to reach out to us on Eventbrite or on Facebook.

We also have some information about leaving a donation. All proceeds go to our organizers and presenters who plan the meetings, set up our infrastructure on Eventbrite, Zoom and social media, send out invitations and reminders, write announcements, facilitate meetings and then follow up. Though all support is appreciated, we recognize that not everyone will be in a place where they feel comfortable to do so – first and foremost we value your presence at the event, and hope to see you again in two weeks!

Thanks for coming and building this space with us.
If you have sent an online transfer, let us know how to identify it:
We know that many participants joined in today's meeting because of the controversy surrounding the convoy in Ottawa. If you are comfortable, and if applicable, please tell us whether you identify as a supporter or a critic of the protests.

This is obviously a complex question, so feel free to answer the question in a manner relevant to you.
Do you agree with the following statement: I am satisfied with today's session
Do you agree with the following statement: I feel like I have a greater understanding the other side (if applicable).
Do you agree with the following statement: I feel more hope moving forward with regards to the convoy protests
Please share what you enjoyed about the dialogue (new information, encountering the other side, different points of view, socializing during the pandemic, etc)
Is there anything about tonight's dialogue that we could change or improve?
Did you feel like there was enough space for your opinions or perspective during the meeting, or did you encounter barriers to sharing?
If you would like to receive information about future events like this, let us know how to reach you (and tell us your name!):