A large part of the program is set aside for labs where we can work on projects relevant to our interests. Divided into three separate sections, we're helped by experts in the areas of documentary filmmaking, media and the arts.
Why labs?
International Expertise
People from different cultures see things differently. We want to combine our collective experience and get a better picture of the fields we're working in.

Experts from around the world provide a framework for us to learn new skills that can help us continue working our communities.
Cross-sectoral Experience
One of the strengths of this particular program is how it bring together young people working in areas as diverse as the arts, research, education, activism and civil society.

Not only do we get access to different perspectives, but the expertise across different fields can enrich our own projects.
Work in the Field
We have time to work on projects that have relevance to our context and communities.

From analyzing narratives to gathering interviews to producing theatrical pieces, everything we create is more than just practice: it's already a way of engaging with the field.
Challenging participants to explore technique and form, Anke Riester and Clemens Poole lead sessions aimed at identifying a visual language for exploring diverse issues and stories.
Using resources like the KnightLab toolkit and platforms like Tilda and Storybuilder, Nvard Hovhannisyan and Diana Manucharian give participants the know-how to create multimedia storytelling projects.
Using the medium of documentary theatre, Alik Sardarian and Illia Yakovenko guide participants in navigating the complex art of bringing true stories to the stage.
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