Kitchen Talks
Feedback & Support
Thank you for coming to Kitchen Talks!

On this page, you will be able to leave some feedback as well as an opportunity to support the project with a donation.
Your feedback is very important to us, because that helps us understand what works and what still needs tweaking. If you have comments about the format, or had a suggestion about how things could work more smoothly, let us know. Also, if there were any moments where you felt uncomfortable or unsafe, please reach out to us via this form or through Eventbrite.

Feedback also helps us plan ahead for the future. We're interested in what kinds of topics or related events you might want to see at Kitchen Talks, so let us know! If you want to be added to our email list for upcoming events (Kitchen Talks, Dome Workshops, House Conferences), leave your preferred way of getting in touch with you (as well as your name).

Having a donation system means that every participant can decide for themselves if and how they want to support the organizers. We know that everyone has different circumstances, so if you want to leave a donation then how you do so is up to you. All proceeds go to our organizers and presenters who plan the meetings, set things up on Eventbrite, Zoom and social media, send out invitations and reminders, write announcements, facilitate meetings and then follow up.

Thanks for coming, and we hope to see you again at another event soon!
If you have sent an online transfer, let us know how to identify it:
Please share what you enjoyed about the meeting (new information, different points of view, socializing during the pandemic, etc)
What topics would you like to see discussed on Kitchen Talks in the future?
Where do you think we could change or improve?
Did you feel like there was enough space for your opinions or perspective during the meeting, or did you encounter barriers to sharing?
Would you be interested in events or workshops about dialogue techniques or building bridges between communities? If so, what kind of content would you be interested in?
If you would like to receive information about future events like this, let us know how to reach you (and tell us your name!):